“Don’t Quit…”

The other night, my kids and I were looking at some old family pictures. They couldn’t get over the “mullet” hair style I was sporting. But let’s face it…it was the 80s and everyone was doing it. I also came across my St. Francis Prep High School year book. Something that really stuck out to me was my graduation picture. Do any of you remember the quote you chose to put under your yearbook picture?  I completely forgot that my quote was from the poem “Don’t Quit.” I find it fascinating that I still use quotes from this poem today. Each of my children and co-workers has heard parts of this poem from me on several occasions. Seeing my yearbook photo makes me look back over my experiences of the last 25 years (yes, I’m getting old) since senior year at St.Francis Prep. I’ve had my share of success, I’ve also had failures, but I’m proud to say…I NEVER QUIT! I would like to share this poem with every one of you. I hope it provides a little motivation for some of you…
I love this poem because it uses simple words and phrases, yet sends a very powerful message that can apply to everyone and anyone. The poem revolves around one central theme…the will to NEVER give up. You have to have the perseverance and determination to work hard every single day in order to become successful. From high school to now, I have had many ups and downs in my life. One thing that I learned in life is to learn from my failures. It’s okay to fail, as long as you tried your best and worked your hardest. Every time I read this poem it brings me back to Coach O’Connor and St.Francis. It helps me to believe in my ability to achieve my goals.
I hope this poem can bring optimism and change to someone’s life. I know it has for me. If someone can look at this post and become inspired to do something good, then I feel I did my job. I hope everyone has a prosperous and positive day.

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