Super Bowl 50 or “The Tech Bowl”: This Can Be The Most High Tech Game In Sports History


PLEASE CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FOX BUSINESS VIDEO… Michael Murphy and the Fox Business panel talking to Oracle Hospitality Senior V.P. Mike Webster on the latest technology at Levi’s Stadium for fans attending the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Weekend Edition… Just about everyone of us will be watching Super Bowl 50 on Sunday evening. Even if you aren’t a football fan; you’ll be watching to possibly see Peyton Manning’s last game, or too see the top commercials this year, or to see Cam to his Dap! Either way, Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest sports day of the year. This years Super Bowl has already broken a record; it is set to be the most expensive sporting event in United States history. The average ticket price for online resellers is around $5,000.

This year there is something different, and special about the Super Bowl… It is being played at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California, just a short trip from Silicon Valley. Some people are calling this game the Tech Bowl. This stadium is known to be the most technologically advanced stadium in the world. This year tech giants Apple, Intel, and Oracle are sponsoring the event. You can bet this will be the most high tech Super Bowl we have ever seen. Two of our portfolio companies, WheelsUp and Open Sponsorship, are hosting big events near Super Bowl 50.

One of the newest features this year is the new “Super Bowl Stadium App.” The app has an on demand food service. Oracle is one of the many tech companies that is involved in handling and processing all the orders. You will be able to order food directly to your seat using you mobile phone. You won’t have to worry about missing any of the game, waiting in long lines. You can also order merchandise and have it delivered right to you or you can choose to go pick it up at a nearby stand. Once again, right from your app. The app will offer fans the ability to watch replays and in-game highlights during commercial breaks. One of the most important features is its potential public safety use. It can notify fans about any incidents in the stadium and instruct them how to evacuate. I had a chance to speak with Oracle’s Mike Webster yesterday on Fox Business. He is excited to show the world what Oracle’s technology can do.

CBS has created a new camera system that will be debuted during the game…EyeVision 360. This company uses 36 cameras that gives viewers the option to watch the game in a 360 degree view of action. Fans will be able to watch instant replays on their phones in the stadium with the app. Another cool feature that this company will offer is fans will be able to see the game from a players perspective. The players will be wearing small microphones to make the game sound better, and camera will be posted in the pylons to get a direct player view. It gives viewers an overall better experience.

In order to support all this technology at the stadium, the internet and wifi connections must be in tact at all times. The speed at which everything is processed is key to success on this big night. Levi Stadium is stacked with 1200 access points that have Wi-Fi coverage. This gives enough capacity for at least 20,000 concurrent connections. All of the connections will be dual band and if you have a new generation iPhone or Galaxy you will be able to access the highest frequency.

Bottom line…there are a ton of entrepreneurs, engineers, app developers, and technicians working on this game to give us a better experience. They want it to be enjoyable for us watching at home, and more convenient for any of us going to the game. Just like I always say…Venture Capital is not just a form of investing, it is a medicine to make the world a better  place. The funding from VC’s to Entrepreneurs is used to help a company grow and help bring change to society. Many of these companies and innovative technologies being used at this game are backed by Venture Funds. Super Bowl 50 (note it would be “L” if the NFL stuck to Roman numerals) promises to be the most connected, app ready game in history. It doesn’t surprise me at all, knowing that the startup and venture industry just had its biggest year in 2015…Welcome to the Technological Revolution.


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