Watch Rosecliff CEO, Michael Murphy and Maria Bartiromo talk to Forbes Media Chairman, Steve Forbes about the 2016 presidential race.

fox forbes.PNG

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of joining Mornings with Maria, alongside Maria Bartiromo. In my opinon, this was one of the best shows I have done recently. The main topics of discussion were the results of the New Hampshire Primary and the 2016 presidential race. More importantly, we interviewed some of the biggest minds in politics. Here are a people that we hosted on the show…

 Ed Rollins, Former Reagan Political Director

Don Baer, Former President Clinton Speech Writer

Terry Holt, Former Bush-Cheney Presidential Campaign Advisor

Todd Buchholz, Former White House Economic Advisor

Steve Forbes, Forbes Media Chairman

The video link above shows Steve Forbes and I discussing the 2016 presidential race and our projections for the upcoming New Hampshire Primary. Here are two charts that show the current poll projections for next week’s Republican and Democratic NH Primaries…

south carolina rep.png

south carolina dem.png

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