Politics is Broken, but Can Silicon Valley Fix It?




I had the pleasure of joining Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business this morning. It is always a pleasure to sit with Maria and discuss topics ranging from finance to politics to global news events. She does a great job operating her show on the FOX Business Network.
Today, we had Steve Hilton on. He is the Founder of tech startup, CrowdPac. Steve made a great point on how politics is broken and how technology will fix it. He used the American system as his main example… big donors, businesses for the right, unions for the left. A lot of money pours into the election where they will be able to influence the outcome. They are not influencing anything; they are trying to buy the outcome. This gives regular people the idea that their vote counts less. Technology allows us to do things such as crowd funding. Candidates can now raise money online without depending on the party machines. The unions and businesses may suddenly lose their influence. Candidates can raise money from everyone…which will transform politics by allowing the candidates to act without heavy influence.
Please click on the video link above to watch today’s clip…and check out CrowdPac- Steve Hilton’s Company.

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