Nuzzel…One of the Hottest Startups in the Country

nuzzel logo-color.png

Meet the 11 Hottest Startups in the Country- INC Magazine

Nuzzel – one of our portfolio companies, was listed in @inc magazine as “one of the hottest companies in the country.” Nuzzel allows users to create individual newsletter subscriptions, which they can share with their friends. It was created to solve social media overload. This platform shows you the top news stories shared by your friends, in a super easy interface availble via web, mobile, and email.

Founder and CEO, Jonathan Abrams is not new to the startup industry. He also founded Friendster, the first online social network. Other companies he founded and sold were socialzr, slide, and hotlinks. He currently runs nuzzel and is an advisor for AngelList.

With all the talk of a rising tech bubble and a massive silicon valley downturn, I am sitting here seeing real growth in many of our portfolio companies… and Venture Capital deals are increasing at a rapid pace. If you have not already downloaded the app, go download it now on the apple or android app store. Check the links below…

Nuzzel Website

Nuzzel: Apple App Store

Nuzzel: Google Play Store

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