Facebook Takes on Snapchat, Twitter

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I had the pleasure of joining Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business last week. We had a great show with some amazing guests. One of the best discussions came from our segment on Facebook.

Recently, Facebook made changes to their entire platform. You can now buy things through the Facebook Messenger App including; vacation tickets, money transfers, flowers, and even reschedule a flight. Their new live video hub is now available for developers to create new features and live stream from any device including: TVs, Cameras, and Drones. This new innovation is a direct response to Snapchat’s recent success. Facebook has turned themselves into a media company. Snapchat appeals to a much different crowd. They are going after the younger market, and clearly it is working. Let’s not forget Zuckerberg and Facebook attempted to buy Snapchat for $3 billion dollars back in 2013. Less than 3 years later Snapchat is marked at over a $16 billion valuation. That’s more than 5x in Venture Capital terms.

After my appearance, I received a lot of calls from friends and family. What stuck out the most was my response to this question… “As an owner and investor in Facebook stock does it bother you when the CEO talks politics?” My answer is simple…No. I think he has the right to say whatever he believes. I without a doubt disagree entirely with his opinion, but he has a right to say what he wants. I am an investor- my priority is to see investment returns in a company. If I think his opinions, or the manner in which he voices them, are detrimental to the company…I can sell the stock.

Please take a look at the Fox Video by clicking the link above.


-Murf, mmurphy@rosecliffvc.com

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