The Next Wave of The Internet Evolution

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Today I had the pleasure of joining Maria Bartiromo and AOL Co-Founder Steve Case on Fox Business. We had a great discussion on the impact of the internet so far and what the future holds. As Steve stated, we have seen two waves of the Internet evolution and we are now ready for the third. I would really love to discuss this in more detail, because this third wave can truly change the way we live. The first wave was getting people online. It was the building stage of the Internet. This is the era of AOL and the start of online services. The second wave was building on top of the Internet. This is where we saw the creation of apps and companies like Facebook. In the past 10 years so many new social media apps have dominated the entire world. The third wave will be integrating the Internet seamlessly. We have already started to touch upon this with the creation of wearable’s and on demand services. Trust me- this is just the beginning. The Internet will seamlessly be involved in every aspect of our lives including; healthcare, education, and even food. For healthcare, I think seamless technology can be a huge benefit to the world. People can and will be able to track the status of their health on the go.

Another great point that we discussed during this segment was the fact that 75% of venture capital investing went to NYC, California, and Massachusetts. Geography and location plays a tremendous role in venture capital investments. The problem is… there are many other good cities/states that have innovative startups. An exceptional Fund Manager will not just go with the herd; he will seek value and opportunity in new spaces. Investing in entrepreneurs that are located outside of New York, California, and Massachusetts can have very high growth potential. Most importantly, you would be getting a discount on these startups, because in these places valuations are lower due to location.

Please take a look at the video clip above. I appear weekly on Fox Business, so please stay tuned for my next appearance and hope you have a great day!

Michael Murphy

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