Venture Capital affects everyone of us on a daily basis – from the places we eat, to the cars we drive, to the stores we shop in…

Disruptive tech startups are everywhere in today’s society. What many of us do not realize is that the venture capital world affects the way we live. From the places we eat in, to the cars we drive, to the mail we ship, to the stores we shop in… much of it relates to venture capital. Investors, like myself, are funding a variety of these disruptive startups that are trying to make life more efficient and more convenient for you. Below are some interesting charts, from CB insights, that give a clear picture of how VC-backed startups are disrupting 4 of the biggest industries in the world… the banking industry, shipping industry, food industry, and automobile industry.

Disrupting the Food Industry


A host of food tech companies are making it easier for us to eat on a daily basis. US Food Tech companies are on fire, raising over $1B in 2014. And the majority of these companies are looking to feed consumers in a faster, more efficient, and often healthier way.

Disrupting Banking: The Financial Tech Startups That Are Unbundling Wells Fargo, Citi and Bank of America


Traditional banks are under attack from a number of startups. The chart above shows companies disrupting bank services ranging from computerized advisers with wealth management services like Wealthfront and Betterment to small business loan companies like Prosper and Kabbage to small business service providers like Zenefits and Gusto.

Disrupting FedEx, UPS, and the entire shipping industry


The chart above includes startups like Shyp, which simplifies the process of shipping packages using a mobile platform, to freight rate comparison products like Pivot Freight, to on demand delivery/courier options such as Postmates and Uber. From Shyp to Haven to Uber, companies like FedEx and UPS are being unbundled by an army of startups.

Disrupting The Auto Industry


From on-demand repair to vehicle-to-vehicle communication, the automotive industry is changing quickly. These are some of the companies trying to improve cars and the way we drive. Cars are a new frontier for tech startups, now that other internet connected-device markets are more mature. The market opportunity is significant since 65 million passenger cars were sold globally in 2014. While many companies are working to connect cars to the cloud, other startups are trying to utilize that data to improve driver safety, build navigation systems, or provide more accurately priced insurance plans.


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