Hacking of The Human Brain…VC Startups That Focus on Enhancing Your Brain

brain pic post

In the past year, “hacking” has been one of the biggest areas of concern. Cyber security has become a hot topic for all of us, as we have seen some of the largest businesses, and even governments being hacked. When most of us think of hacking, we think of the nightmare of our personal information or ID being stolen. I want to put a positive spin on hacking – the hacking of the human brain…

One of the hottest industries in the VC space is Meditation Apps and Mood-Enhancing Wearable’s. These companies are trying to hack our brains.

These startups are focused on many different areas of the brain. Some of the companies are focusing on stress reduction and mood enhancement. Others are trying to help patients with more serious illnesses such as battling depression and relieving anxiety disorders. In order to achieve this, companies are using a range of different methods including nootropics, gamified brain training, app-led meditation, acoustics, non-invasive therapies, and wearable devices.

Some of the biggest VC funds are getting involved in this industry. GE Ventures, Pfizer Venture Investments, Johnson and Johnson Innovation, Horizon Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and 500 Startups are just a few. Here at Rosecliff, we have already met with a few companies that are in this space. We love the industry. One of our goals has always been to invest in companies that can help make the world a better place. These companies can treat military vets with PTSD, allieviate stress and anxiety from family and friends, and help treat individuals with serious cases of depression. Our funding can help to advance a company that can actually help save a life.

Thanks to our friends at CB-Insights, we have identified the top 11 startups targeting the brain with their products and tech enabled therapies. I believe that some of these companies will uncover breakthrough treatments that will have a big impact on our society. Keep an eye on them – or better yet – go to their websites and try them out yourself.

Check out the list below from CB Insights…

  • Neuronetics: Non-invasive therapy to treat major depressive disorder in patients not responding to anti-depressants. 
  • BrainsGate: Medical device company developing technology to treat diseases of the central nervous system
  • Lumosity: Brain training games to improve cognitive skills
  • Headspace: Mindful meditation techniques to relieve stress, improve focus and creativity
  • Muse: Meditation app that analyzes brain signals and uses sound technology to guide the mind
  • Thync: Wearable’s that deliver low-level electric signals to nerves to energize or calm the mind
  • Halo Neuroscience: Wearable’s based on transcranial stimulation
  • Peak: Mobile-based brain training platform
  • Elevate Labs: Game-based cognitive skills training
  • Nootrobox: Nootropic pills to enhance brain activity and cognitive skills
  • TruBrain: Products include nootropic drinks, capsules and coffee with performance enhancers




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