Ben and Jerry’s Newest Flavor…Handouts à la mode

bernie sand.PNG


On a recent appearance on Fox Business, Maria Bartiromo and I spoke with Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. We spoke about the current tax situation in the United States and 2016 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders’ 92% tax plan.

Maria is at her absolute best in this video, showing the American people how harmful this tax hike could be to the future of the United States. Please click the link above to watch this video from Morning’s with Maria on Fox Business.

“You are preventing the next Ben and Jerry’s. The up and coming startup companies out there have no chance of becoming the next Ben and Jerry’s. I think a 90% tax rate is going to prevent new companies from ever becoming great like your company has. To support Bernie Sanders is to really put a major cap, like the chocolate cap you put on the new mint ice cream. I think that cap is going to be on growth and it is really going to hurt this country.“

–Michael Murphy, on Fox Business

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