Rosecliff Ventures Leads $1.5m Investment Round In EdTech Startup, YellowDig



I am proud to announce that Rosecliff Ventures has made an investment into YellowDig. We took part in co-leading the funding round with QB1 Ventures, a venture capital firm led by Alex and Henry Swieca.

YellowDig, is a social collaboration tool that brings knowledge from outside of the classroom into the course material. It is a mix between an exciting university social network and a course management tool. The Yellowdig platform helps establish knowledge communities, increase students’ knowledge of current affairs related to coursework, and dramatically increases course participation.

Our venture capital fund does not invest into one specific industry. Our main mission is to invest in companies that can have a direct positive influence on society and have the ability to make the world better for future generations. I am a proud supporter of educational focused startups. Technology is changing so quickly, yet education has remained broadly the same for decades.

Technology has disrupted and improved most major industries in our daily lives. I believe education is the next to be disrupted and changed for the better. This industry is in its early stages and the margin for growth has no limit. Education is a 5 trillion market space, that’s 8x the size of the software market and 3x the size of the media and entertainment industry. Yet, education is only 2% digitized. EdTech has the potential to improve user engagement and help students learn in a more advanced environment. EdTech helps provide teachers with more access to data on students and their progress. This allows teachers to be better teachers and students to be better students.

Recently, I have been asked to help launch and act as a mentor at NYU’s latest startup accelerator program, StartED. My duties will consist of mentoring and advising early stage entrepreneurs in the EdTech community.

Below you will find a few news articles about YellowDig and our lead investment.

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