Juice Press Partners with Super Bowl Champion Russell Wilson to Open First West Coast Store.


Just six years ago, Juice Press was nothing but an interesting idea. I remember when my good friends – Kenny Dichter & Mark Teixeira – who are also early stage investors in Juice Press, approached me with the opportunity to help JP raise capital. At the time, I thought to myself…Organic Juice? Billion Dollar Company? Luckily, I went with my instinct and it has been nothing but success. Along with KD and Tex, I am one of the early stage investors in the company.

Five years later – Juice Press is valued at over $100 million. They have 52 locations total, all located on the east coast. They recently closed a deal to partner with Equinox Health Clubs. Currently, Juice Press is being served at 17 Equinox locations. Do not expect it to stop there.

For months, my friends out in California have been asking me when juice press will hit the West Coast. I am happy to announce today that Juice Press partnered with Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson to open a premier flagship store in Seattle. It is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2017. This is a significant West Coast launch for the branch, in which Juice Press will redefine the organic juice business in Seattle.

Click below to check out the PRESS RELEASE.

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