Taking a private plane just as easy as requesting an Uber car?

wheels up



Taking a private plane has become just as easy as requesting an Uber. Wheels Up is changing and disrupting the entire private aviation industry. I am proud to be an early stage investor in Wheels Up, and have them as one of our investment companies. CEO Kenny Dichter is doing a great job operating and growing the company. The new 8760 membership tier is going to be a complete game changer. It is opening the company up to an entire new marketplace.

In the past year, Wheels Up has created an array of new products, platforms, and doubled their client base. They implemented new features that benefit both the company and the customers. Hot flights and ride sharing are just two of my personal favorite.

As always, Maria Bartiromo did a great job on her show. It’s a pleasure to be on board with Fox Business and Maria. Please watch the video above with Wheels Up CEO Kenny Dichter on Fox Business.


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