Proud to Announce the Official Launch of Our Portfolio Company… Allbirds


I am proud to announce that one of our portfolio companies, Allbirds, has officially launched their website ( Their wool running sneakers are on sale, so try and grab a pair before they sell out. In case you haven’t heard… Allbirds is a company that makes wool running shoes. The shoes are manufactured in Italy and made with New Zealand merino wool. Unlike synthetic fabrics, merino wool does not retain odors and will freshen just from airing out. In addition, the outer layers of wool fibers have a high concentration of fatty acids, which have anti-bacterial properties.

I just got my first pair of wool runners about a week ago…they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned! I love the fact that the construction of the shoe has no unnecessary seams, details, or flashy logos. I actually wore them to work most of last week. I believe these shoes will be the future of the market. The style, quality, and comfort make the shoe a one of a kind experience. Allbirds has innovated one of the finest shoes around.

I want to congratulate Joey and Tim for their excellent work on this company. I was introduced to Allbirds by my friends Ben & Taylor at Lerer Hippeau Ventures and  I joined forces with them over a year ago. I’ve watched the company grow and I’m excited for what the future holds for us all.

Take a look at a few press release articles that came out today…


allbirds 1.jpg


If you have an questions feel free to comment or reach out to me.



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