Watch The Video…”When Mike Murphy isn’t Trading”



I believe that each of us has the ability to accomplish anything…if we truly want it. If we’re willing to put in all of the work that is necessary and we BELIEVE in ourselves, we will not fail. Never quit. Never let anyone tell you that you can not achieve your dreams. I have been blessed with some success in my life…but I’ve also tasted failure – I’ve never liked the taste of failure, but the failures have helped me to become a more successful man.

The advice I give all young entrepreneurs I speak to, and my own children, is to always believe in yourself…because your attitude – or outlook – is crucial. As Henry Ford said,

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” 

A key for me to maintain a positive outlook is balance. I need to be able to balance work, family, friends, and a time in the day to unwind. Meditation is one of the ways I find balance. It allows me to relax and take time to refresh my mind and body. My wife has always practiced yoga, so my yoga experiences helped the transition into meditation. I have 5 great kids and an amazing wife, thank God. Meditation allows me to be the best father & husband I can be. It also helps me to doc

In my younger years I was more fearless and tried to take on the world. With age, came experience and knowledge. Now, I understand how important it is to divide my time and energy the right way. Just like investing- you want to be diversified. Improving my outlook in life has allowed me to be more successful in both business and in my personal life. My family and I could not be any happier and business could not be going any better.

Check out this video clip that was filmed in 2014. I talk about how have a balance in life has taught me to be a better business man and husband. Implementing yoga and meditation has allowed me to relax and be more “present” in all aspects of life.


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